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Meet the Career Journeys Panelists

Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodriguez is a victim services advocate for the Peace at Home Advocacy Center in Roseburg Oregon. She helps people who’ve faced domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking begin to overcome their experiences.

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Brandon Larrabee

Brandon Larrabee is a geographic information systems specialist for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Larrabee works to create digital representations of geographic areas to help with land restoration projects and environmental analysis.

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Here’s What’s Next for Career Journeys

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As we enter into the third phase of the Career Journeys project, we are happy to report that we have produced stories from each of Oregon’s 19 ESDs. Additionally, we have produced profiles representing each of the 16 CTE Career Clusters. Our goals for the future are to continue to produce stories that represent young Oregonians and the work they do. This is all in service to the Oregon Department of Education’s commitment to serving all students as they move throughout their learning journeys, onto careers in the state (and beyond).

Moving forward, we are seeking recommendations of interviewees who are early in their career (first 3-5 years, 22-32 years old) and may have moved through Oregon’s education system of K-12, and community college training, certification and/or degrees. As you consider potential candidates for this project, please note the identified Regions and Career Clusters in which there is a specific need to feature in Career Journeys.

We’re also prioritizing a classroom partnership.


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