Ayanna’s Story

Ayanna Richiliano

Graphic Designer

Arts and Media  |  Marketing

Ayanna’s Story

Ayanna Richiliano is a freelance graphic designer in Hood River, working on creative projects for small businesses and the city of Mosier. 

She’s the first to admit her career path was unconventional. After eighth grade, she enrolled at Columbia Gorge Community College studying graphic design as a full-time student, and was often the youngest in her classes. She eventually transferred to Mt. Hood Community college and earned her degree.

Richiliano loves taking creative ideas and making them tangible for clients. From layout and illustration to branding and communication, Richiliano knows her job doesn’t just check one box.

It’s just really cool to have a finished product that I can look at and show people… like, this is something that you could touch. This is something that that exists out in the world that I’ve done. It’s really rewarding.

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