Brandon’s Story

Brandon’s Story

Brandon Larrabee is a geographic information systems specialist for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Larrabee works to create digital representations of geographic areas to help with land restoration projects and environmental analysis. 

Growing up in Siletz, Oregon, as a member of the Confederate Tribes of Siletz Indians, Larrabee developed a strong connection to his community and the outdoors. After falling in love with geology in community college, he pursued a geology degree from Oregon State University and eventually landed a position with the Bureau. 

Initially hesitant working within an institution with a long history of mistreatment of Native Americans, Larrabee sees more indigenous candidates being selected for roles at the BIA. With more indigenous people – like himself – making decisions about indigenous land, Larrabee feels like he’s making a difference.

Brandon Larrabee

Geographic Information Systems Analyst

Agriculture and Natural Resources  |  Government

For me, learning my cultural identity has done the most for my spirit, my mental health and knowing who I am and where I fit in the world. So, you know, it’s really important to give that back to our other tribal community members, if we can, and just get them back down on to that land.

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