Brian’s Story

Brian Schaudt

Physical Therapist

Health Sciences

Brian’s Story

Brian Schaudt is a physical therapist for Wheeler and Gilliam Counties in Oregon. As the only physical therapist in the remote area, he’s proud to keep patients from making a four-hour round trip for care. 

Schaudt knows a career journey isn’t always a straight line. After graduating from the University of Oregon and coaching track and field athletes, he became fascinated with body movement and decided to pursue physical therapy – a career path that didn’t align with his degree. Restarting his education at Lane Community College to earn his doctorate was hard, but worth the challenge. 

From high school athletes to farmers, Schaudt sees all kinds of people at his clinic and enjoys helping a tight-knit community that otherwise wouldn’t have this special care.

The journey to your career is rarely a straight line, and that’s totally normal and it’s totally okay. Because when you take that curve off of your initial path, it helps to redirect you back in to the plan–and ultimately, a career you will be passionate about.

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