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Connor Lysne

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Connor’s Story

Connor Lysne is a Lego robotics and technology teacher at Steins Pillar Elementary School in Prineville, Oregon, and loves coming to work every day to see his students.

Growing up with his mom working as a teacher, Lynse has been around educators all his life. His positive experiences in school helped propel toward his own career in education. It’s a challenging, but rewarding job managing hundreds of students in a given day. 

From kindergartners to fifth graders, Lynse guides his students through coding, performing tasks with robots, and building with Legos. He loves having fun with his classes and wants to create a strong foundation of problem-solving skills for his students. 

So why teaching? I love learning I love helping people and I love helping people feel like they’re capable of learning anything.

Now go in-depth with Connor in an extended Q & A session!

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