Daniel’s Story

Daniel Garcia

Automotive Technician

Transportation and Logistics

Daniel’s Story

Daniel Garcia is an automotive technician at the Toyota of Gladstone. Each day, he leads a four-person crew that carries out repair orders for customers, whether that means looking over schematics or performing electrical work. Some problems are easier to solve than others, but it’s a satisfying job for Garcia. “You’re pretty proud of yourself when you’re able to come up with a repair.”

When he started studying automotive repair as an elective in high school, Garcia didn’t know anything about cars. He moved to Oregon from Mexico when he was 12, and the language barrier was a challenge in school. But Garcia found support from teachers and became the first member of his family to go to college.

Garcia loves working with his hands and helping his customers. “They have a problem and you get to fix it, and it’s a pretty good feeling.”

The first thing about coming to the US was the language barrier. So it was something that a lot of us that come from other countries experience right away. And I was lucky – I came here pretty early, so I went through middle school and then on up. And it was pretty tough. But I mean, if I did it, anybody else can. And so long as you put the work into it.

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