David’s Story

David Van Hook

Director of Information Technology

Computers and Technology

David’s Story

David Van Hook serves as the Director of Information Technology (IT) at Living Opportunities, a non-profit organization in Oregon. His role involves managing the organization’s technological infrastructure and exploring the use of technology in assisting people with disabilities.

David’s initial career interests lay in the tech industry, particularly in tech startups. However, following the downturn in the tech sector, he transitioned into a different domain – utilizing technology in the field of disability services. At Living Opportunities, David’s responsibilities include overseeing the IT systems and exploring assistive technologies. His work involves adapting devices like iPads for use by non-verbal individuals, particularly in the context of autism spectrum conditions.

David’s tenure at Living Opportunities, spanning over a decade, reflects a shift from a private sector tech background to a role in the non-profit sector. His work in this field merges his technological expertise with applications in social services. As a Black man in Oregon, David brings a personal perspective to his role, particularly in the context of diversity and inclusion. His experiences inform his approach to community involvement and his professional responsibilities.

David’s work demonstrates an application of technology in a service-oriented context. His focus is on using his technical skills to address specific needs within the non-profit sector, particularly in assisting individuals with disabilities. David Van Hook’s career path illustrates a journey from the tech industry to a non-profit organization, where he applies his IT skills to assist in the field of disability services. His role at Living Opportunities encompasses both technical management and the exploration of assistive technologies, reflecting a blend of his tech background with a focus on social service.

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