Derian’s Story

Derian Handfield

Police Officer

Law & Public Security

Derian’s Story

Derian Handfield is a police officer at the Monmouth Police Department, and nothing about the job is the same day-to-day. Handfield wears many different hats as he responds to calls in town and fills out paperwork. Sometimes he’s a counselor, and sometimes he’s animal control. But whether Handfield is talking to a victim or suspect, he’s always building rapport. “If a person knows me by my first name, that’s even better.”

For Handfield, engaging with the community is the best part of the job, and while working in law enforcement often has him encountering people at their worst, he’s satisfied going home at night knowing that he’s helped someone during a difficult time. 

Handfield is the first to admit his career journey wasn’t smooth. Growing up, he faced homelessness and struggled in school. But he remembers being inspired by his high school resource officer who grew from his own difficult circumstances. Handfield wanted to take the same path.

After applying to different agencies, Handfield was thrilled to land a job in Monmouth and loves the team at the department.

Having that community presence and having that community behind you is huge. I’m big on rapport, you know–if a person knows me by my first name, that’s even better.

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