Dominic Herrera

Construction Teacher

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Dominic’s Story

Dominic Herrera is a CTE (Career and Technical Education) Construction Teacher at Eagle Ridge High School in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

His entry into teaching was serendipitous. A midnight job search led him to sign up for a teaching position. Despite years in construction, he had never envisioned himself as a teacher. Yet, this unplanned shift opened a new avenue where Dominic found his true calling.

As a teacher, Dominic sees himself in his students – especially those who challenge authority and test boundaries. He works to create trust and understanding with his students. He stresses the need to be present, genuine, and teach with empathy and compassion. His approach helps him connect with students who have similar life experiences.

Dominic’s focus on career technical education (CTE) stems from his belief in its real-life applicability, especially for students who may not see college as a viable or desirable option. He teaches practical skills so students can succeed beyond traditional academics. Dominic’s commitment to growth and community involvement is evident in his varied roles outside teaching. His involvement in emergency services, volunteering, and even building tiny homes for the community, highlights his dedication to service and improvement.

In reflecting on his journey, Dominic emphasizes the importance of positivity and resilience. He believes in the power of making each day count, staying optimistic, and imparting these values to his students. His story is not just about overcoming personal challenges but also about leveraging these experiences to inspire and educate the next generation.

Dominic Herrera’s journey is an example of how diverse experiences contribute to an impactful teaching career.

Life is what you make it every day. You know your choices. You surround yourself with what you want–your self-worth, whether it be positive or negative. And that will define who you can be.

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