Fabian’s Story

Fabian Carter

Communications Specialist

Arts & Media  |  Sales & Marketing

Fabian’s Story

Fabian Carter is a communications consultant for Portland General Electric. As a communications strategist, Carter tells stories about his organization and its goals, whether it’s highlighting a program that customers can use to exchange gas-powered tools for electric ones, or how PGE uses goats to clear vegetation at a hydroelectric plant.   

Growing up as the middle child with four siblings made Carter a dynamic communicator. He also credits his parents, who immigrated to the U.S. as children, for inspiration and instilling in him a strong work ethic. Like so many others, Carter was unsure about his career path in school but came back to his love of writing. It’s a passion and talent he uses on the job daily.

Carter never imagined himself in the utility industry, but comes to work excited by the possibilities his job brings to the community he serves. “I’m working on something that has greater implications than just me.”

I think the biggest skill is just staying genuinely curious about what you’re working on and asking questions… asking the ‘why’ as to what you’re doing and not just doing it for, you know, just the sake of doing something and asking those questions that are intentional and painting the bigger picture for yourself.

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