Hanin’s Story

Hanin Najjar

Journalist  |  Media Entrepreneur

Arts and Media

Hanin’s Story

Hanin Najjar is a journalist and digital content producer for KPTV, Fox 12 Oregon, where she manages online news content.

Growing up in Portland as a Muslim and Arab American, and attending an international high school, Najjar quickly realized the importance of recognizing and uplifting different voices. She also developed a passion for reading and storytelling and knew at a young age she wanted to pursue a career amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.

Whether it’s at her desk managing livestreams or social media accounts at KPTV, or creating her own digital publications for Gen-Z women of color, Najjar understands the power of storytelling and the need for diverse voices in the newsroom. 

I think what what really motivates me in all of my work is being able to be a role model for younger generations. And if I can help them, or give them skills that they need to do that, then that makes me really happy.

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