Jake’s Story

Jake Blackburn

Real Estate Broker

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Jake’s Story

Jake Blackburn is a broker at his family’s real estate business in Burns, Oregon, where he works hard helping clients find their dream property, whether it’s commercial or recreational. 

Born and raised in Burns, Blackburn has strong ties to his rural community. Initially starting college in Western Oregon University, he found it wasn’t the right fit and transferred back to Eastern Oregon and began working for the family business: Jett Blackburn Real Estate. 

From advertising and putting up listings to hosting house showings, Blackburn loves working in a tight-knit community and helping clients find their dream homes.

A motto I have is ‘make someone else’s day a little bit better, you know, lend a helping hand’. I’ve been lucky enough to have less stress in my life. My parents have helped me out a lot. And so I know that people are dealing with a lot worse stuff than I have in my life. So I always just try to help people out.

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