Jared’s Story

Jared Robeson

Sheet Metal Worker Apprentice


Jared’s Story

Jared Robeson is an apprentice at Local 16 — the Sheet Metal Workers Union. Now in the fourth year of his apprenticeship, Robeson has worked on a number of construction projects, including welding, installing heating and air conditioning units, and putting together equipment. Recently, he helped build Intel’s newest factory in Hillsboro, Oregon. “As a structural welder, your welds are literally holding that building together for the next hundred years.”

Growing up, Robeson loved working with his hands and building things but was unsure what he would do after high school.  During his sophomore year, he signed up for engineering class, initially to help with his own DIY projects. But with his introduction to the craft of welding, Robeson knew he had found the right career path.

Robeson wants more students to see the trades as a path toward rewarding and fulfilling work. He loves the satisfaction of seeing his construction projects unfold. “You see things come together in real time. It’s not abstract.”

I would say to a young person, you know, don’t be afraid of work. I think there’s kind of been a stigma built around labor. There’s a lot of jobs that people need to do, and none of them are bad. They’re all very respectable.

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