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John Kish


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John’s Story

John Kish is a horticulturist and the owner of Somewhere That’s Green, an indoor plant shop in Bend, Oregon. For Kish, being a small business owner is like being a jack-of-all-trades; he does a little of everything. From retail and decor to plant care and selection, managing the shop is an almost 24/7 job. But despite the long hours, it’s fulfilling work.

Kish has loved and been fascinated by plants since he was five, participating in a prairie restoration project while in high school and studying horticulture in college. Like many others, Kish’s career journey wasn’t a straight line. After graduating from Oregon State University, Kish pursued the performing arts, studying at Circle the Square Theater School in New York City (where he also worked on indoor plant installations at Rockefeller Center).

Kish is the first to admit he didn’t know the first thing about running a business, having started with $200 and a bundle of plants in the back of his Subaru. But today, Kish feels supported by his community and loves educating others about greenery and partnering plants with people.

If you’re going to pursue any type of passion or career that you’re passionate about or start your own business and represent yourself. I really think you need to know who you are rather than figuring out what your passions are. Because if you figure out who you are, I think the passion is just naturally come along with that.

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