Johnathan’s Story

Johnathan Van Roekel

Executive Director  |  Non-profit

Natural Resources  |  Business  

Johnathan’s Story

Johnathan Van Roekel is the interim executive director of Lake County Resources, a nonprofit in Lakeview, Oregon, that bolsters the resilience of rural communities to the impacts of climate change and economic hardship. 

Van Roekel moved to Oregon from Minnesota two years ago through an AmeriCorp service opportunity, and soon felt welcomed by the local community. A big part of his job is engaging with community stakeholders through email or face-to-face meetings.

Through Lake County Resources, Van Roekel provides technical and financial assistance whether it’s helping a farmer install solar panels to make their farm more energy efficient or helping a homeowner insulate their attic to save on heating costs. 

It’s always helpful to take a step back and really evaluate what you want, and what you feel you need to be happy. And a lot of times that doesn’t come in the form of money. It doesn’t come in the form of compensation.

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