Jordyn’s Story

Jordyn Coon

Communications and Marketing Consultant

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Jordyn’s Story

Jordyn Coon is a communications and marketing consultant for the agriculture industry. Whether it’s creating educational content or developing a website, Coon helps farmers tell and share their stories with customers. It’s work that’s close to her heart. 

Coon grew up working on a farm in Shedd, Oregon and feels a deep connection to the land that supported her family. In high school she was a Future Farmers of America (FFA) member, and she graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in agricultural sciences. 

After college, Coon landed a sales and marketing job at Syngeta, an international crop protection and seed company. Though she admitted she knew little about her position at first, Coon displayed a willingness to learn that helped her succeed. 

In addition to consulting, Coon loves working through her blog and social media to educate people about common agriculture misconceptions. She also wants to inspire more students to enter the fold, highlighting the viable career paths (not just the labor-intensive farmwork) that exist in the industry.

Even though I don’t work full-time on the farm, what I was able to gain from it growing up and learning from my family and working on the farm really gave me a sense of competency–and I felt really confident in my skills. And then the knowledge that I gained from that has given me the ability to work in different parts of the agricultural industry.

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