Justin’s Story

Justin Huntley

Project Manager


Justin’s Story

Justin Huntley is a project manager for Simplicity Homes, a home-building company based in the Pacific Northwest, where he oversees the development of custom housing. 

Huntley would be the first to admit that his career journey hasn’t been smooth. He started out as an auto mechanic, then worked in emergency services – first at a volunteer fire department and then at a hospital – before finally becoming a licensed plumber. But after realizing the toll the job took on his body, Huntley decided to enter his current role at Simplicity Homes.

But just because he’s the project manager, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how many nails each shingle needs or how a window should be installed. From design to construction, Huntely is familiar with all aspects of the building process.

You don’t have to be the societal norm. You can make your own path. It doesn’t always mean that you’re going to have it all figured out.

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