Lynn’s Story

Lynn Tran

Construction Specialist

Transportation & Logistics  |  Engineering

Lynn’s Story

Lynn Tran is a construction specialist for the Oregon Department of Transportation, working to make sure Oregon’s roadways are safe for all drivers.

Growing up in Portland, Tran developed a passion for engineering after joining her high school’s robotics team. That passion made her pursue a civil engineering degree at Portland State University and through different internships she gained a deeper understanding and interest in transportation and traffic design, before eventually working for ODOT.

Out in the field, Tran has helped inspect road repair projects, and in the office she has helped design roadways with the goal of making driving safer and smoother for Oregonians.

Perseverance has definitely been a big thing for me because I feel like I’ve had so many moments of failure and so many moments of doubt. And I feel like it was very hard for me to persevere, since I hadn’t really failed before. I just wanted to give up and maybe try something I was naturally good at. But I really just had to keep thinking about what I want, what I want to contribute to the world, and how I want to spend my life. And that’s what got me here today. 

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