Madeline’s Story

Madeline Lau

Hotel General Manager

Hospitality  |  Sales and Marketing

Madeline’s Story

Madeline Lau is the general manager of the Wallowa Lake Lodge in scenic Joseph, Oregon. She wears many hats as she works to make this seasonal business – a community fixture for nearly 100 years – accessible to all. 

After graduating high school in the small rural town of Scio, Oregon, and moving to Los Angeles for college, Lau soon learned she preferred life out in nature over life in the big city. During  summers, she interned at state parks and quickly fell in love with Eastern Oregon and Wallowa Lake as a ranger. After years of various event-planning jobs, Lau eagerly jumped into her new manager role at the Wallowa Lake lodge. 

From organizing events to housekeeping – and occasionally tending bar – Lau does it all. But her favorite part of any job is working with people.

So my career journey has taken some twists and turns. I read once that for someone my age, it’s normal to switch careers seven times in your lifetime. And it wasn’t that way for our parents. So we’re kind of carving a different path. But I think it’s okay to try a lot of different things and figure out where your heart really lies.

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