Mahima’s Story

Mahima White

Fisheries Biologist

Natural Resources 

Mahima’s Story

Mahima White is a fisheries biologist working to protect native fish populations across Oregon.

White developed a passion for animal welfare at an early age. She grew up in a household surrounded by animals, and with the encouragement from teachers at McMinville High School, she pursued her own independent project studying zebrafish. White soon realized she was on a path toward a career in biology. 

Whether it’s analyzing data, cleaning gear, or being out in the field observing Chinook salmon in their natural habitat, White knows her work is bigger than herself and understands the importance of conservation.

You can dream as big as you want–we only have one life to make these things happen. And if you find something that you really love and that you really want to do, do everything you can to make it happen. There are people out there that will help you. You just have to find them.

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