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Mariah’s Story

Mariah Stacona

Native American Community Liaison

Education  |  Human Services

Mariah’s Story

Mariah Stacona is the Native American community liaison at Madras High School in central Oregon. She works closely with students to bridge the gap between members of the Madras community and the Warm Springs Indian reservation. 

An alumna of Madras High School, Stacona knows the community and understands the challenges many indigenous students face. She grew up as one of eleven children living with a single mother. Paying the rent and finding meals was often a struggle. As the first in her family to complete college, Stacona knew she wanted to return to her community and advocate for Native American students. 

She loves making connections with young people whether it’s by touching bases with them in the hall, talking through issues they’re facing, or letting them know about opportunities after high school. For Native American students, Stacona is someone who listens and understands. 

My career advice would be just finding something you love and that you’re super passionate about because once you find that, your job is going to be super easy. And in return, you’re going to be a better worker, a better educator, a better counselor… whatever it might be. If you love what you’re going to do, you’re going to be that much better at your job, and you’re going to affect lives in a positive way.

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