Nathan’s Story

Nathan Kahler

Digital Marketing & Social Media

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Nathan’s Story

Nathan Kahler is a digital marketing producer and social media manager for the world-renowned Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the southern Oregon coast. With his team, Kahler crafts messages about the resort to the public. 

Growing up in the small town of North Bend, Kahler was passionate about photography, taking countless photos with his digital camera and selling his stock images online. In college, Kahler studied business and became a financial advisor, but found his favorite moments to be helping his colleagues with marketing, whether it be web design or creating social media posts. 

Realizing marketing was what he loved most, Kahler leapt into work at Bandon Dunes, where he manages the resort’s website, social media, and snaps photos and videos of the scenic coastal landscape.

I believe if you’re passionate about something and you truly work hard at it, you can do whatever you want to do for a career.

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