Nicole’s Story

Nicole Rodriguez

Victim Services Advocate

Human Services

Nicole’s Story

Nicole Rodriguez is a victim services advocate for the Peace at Home Advocacy Center in Roseburg Oregon. She helps people who’ve faced domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking begin to overcome their experiences. 

When she graduated from college, Rodriguez was initially unsure of her career direction, but knew from taking social service classes that she wanted to help people. After landing a position working with children at an emergency shelter, she knew she had found the right path.

Whether it’s through advocacy in court, connecting someone to legal resources, or simply providing food and clothing, Rodriguez supports clients through difficult times and wants all the survivors she interacts with to know she’s listening.

Seeing clients be resilient–even though they’ve been through some of the worst, most traumatic things that we could ever imagine–is what keeps me going. So when they’re able to keep getting up every day and pushing forward, that kind of resilience really is just infectious. And so that’s one thing that really keeps me going.

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