Ryan’s Story

Ryan Demello

Construction Project Manager

Construction  |  Engineering

Ryan’s Story

Ryan Demello is a project manager at Outlier Construction in Medford, Oregon. His journey from a curious student to a skilled professional shows the passion, skills, and adaptability needed to thrive in the construction industry. Ryan, originally from Corvallis, Oregon, wanted to find a career that balanced desk work and manual labor. He worked in IT before diving into construction.

Ryan’s journey to his current role was not direct. He focused on mathematics, physics, and business in his education. An internship during his junior year at Oregon State University–where he studied Construction Engineering Management–gave him essential field experience.

At Outlier Construction, Ryan plays a crucial role. He estimates, manages, and coordinates construction projects, handling field operations and client relationships. His projects vary from office buildings, to civic projects, to wineries. The variability keeps his work interesting and dynamic. He calls upon his STEM background to blend those skills with people skills. His interest in psychology helps him manage teams and client relationships.

Ryan highlights the need for social and professional intelligence in his job. He interacts with a range of people during his work weeks, from carpenters to corporate executives. His daily work involves planning, scheduling, and problem-solving. He enjoys anticipating and resolving potential issues.

Despite the demands of his job, he keeps a healthy work-life balance. He enjoys outdoor activities with his wife, like rafting, golfing, and skiing. Looking ahead, Ryan aims to deepen his expertise and grow as a company leader. Eventually, he wants to become an owner of Outlier Construction.

He advises students and other aspiring professionals to seize opportunities, work hard, and stay open to new experiences.

Everything has a solution, we’re always going to be able to find a way to get through it. So when something does come up, you have to be able to approach it with that mindset. And really, I mean, we’re here to solve problems. That’s what we do.

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